VoteVets Statement on Senate Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force of 2002

VoteVets was founded in 2006 by Iraq War Veterans concerned about the trajectory of the war. Today, we are one step closer to repealing that outdated, unnecessary, and dangerous war authorization.

As progressive Veterans, military family members, and supporters, we applaud the Senate for taking this step toward repealing the authorization for use of military force in Iraq. This is the right way to honor our Veterans, and good for national security.

Twenty years after the invasion of Iraq, and many years since the war has been over, this authorization is still on the books, able to be abused by any president now or in the future. No president should have a blank check to start a new war, without authorization from Congress and a full and transparent debate in front of the American people.

Today’s vote is an important first step in restoring Congress’s Constitutional authority to declare war. We welcome President Biden’s statement that he will sign this bill when it reaches his desk, and urge both chambers to pass it swiftly.