VoteVets on Trump Refusal to Visit Troops in Combat Zones

WASHINGTON, DC – On the heels of reports, yesterday, that Donald Trump is hesitant to visit troops in combat zones, because he is scared that he will be killed, Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets, released the following statement:

“Guess who else worries about being killed in a war zone?  Our troops who’ve been deployed to one, by this president.  If Donald Trump doesn’t have the guts to go see the men and women he’s ordered to risk their lives, he’s not fit to be Commander in Chief, and should just resign and go back to the safe confines of Trump Tower.”

Last evening, the Washington Post quoted a former Senior White House official saying Trump is afraid that people in combat zones want to kill him, and that is one of the reasons he hasn’t visited troops in one.  That story can be read here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/white-house-discusses-possible-trump-visit-to-troops-in-iraq-or-afghanistan/2018/11/19/9f6724d8-ec2a-11e8-96d4-0d23f2aaad09_story.html