VoteVets Slams Idea of Ending Florida Vote Count, While Ballots – Including Military Overseas Ballots – Have Yet to Be Counted

Veterans group says Trump is insulting all those who served, and what they fought for


TALLAHASSEE, FL  — VoteVets, on behalf of its 600,000 supporters, including nearly 40,000 in Florida, is slamming the idea, put forth by Donald Trump, that the vote counting should stop, in Florida, while thousands upon thousands of ballots have yet to be counted, including military ballots.

“On Veterans Day, of all days, it was absolutely unconscionable that a president of the United States would call for no more votes to be counted, including even the military ballots still coming in,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chair of VoteVets.  “Those of us who served swore an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States, including the right to vote and have that vote counted. Donald Trump is insulting all those voters, and what our military has fought for.”

“But this is about more than just military ballots,” Soltz continued. “Thousands of other Floridians, veterans among them, followed the rules, and mailed in their ballots, which have yet to be counted, for reasons outside of their control.  And, even more voters may not have their votes correctly counted, because of machine error.  Every single voter – military and civilian – should have their vote counted, before this process ends. That’s the American way.”

Yesterday, VoteVets joined in a lawsuit with the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, in Florida, that would ensure mail-in ballots, postmarked before election day, are all counted.