VoteVets Launches Ad Buy In Alabama, Taking Tuberville to Task on Blocking Military Promotions

Montgomery, AL – On behalf of its over 1.5 million Veterans, Military Families and civilian supporters, VoteVets Action Fund is today launching a haunting ad in Alabama that slams Senator Tommy Tuberville for his continued block on all Senate-approved military promotions and makes clear that he’s putting Troops and all American lives at risk. The ad will be running on broadcast TV in the state.

The ad can be viewed here on YouTube.

The ad features video of a secure room with a long table surrounded by empty chairs. As footage of adversarial countries and the various branches of our military plays, a voiceover says: “Every day, crises pop up all around the world — crises you may never hear about. And the world’s greatest military is ever on alert, ready to defend us against any threat, with our best and brightest seated in positions of command. But what if they’re not?”

Then, alarms blare and warning lights flash, as the voiceover continues: “For months, one lone Senator, Tommy Tuberville, who never served in uniform himself, has held hostage hundreds of military assignments, just to force his social agenda on women in the ranks. Freezing all promotions for top military posts to the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; leaving mission-critical positions to go vacant. Our enemies are watching, looking for any vulnerabilities to exploit, and Senator Tommy Tuberville is playing right into their hands, playing political games with our national security. And not one Republican member of Congress will stand up to him and let our Troops keep us safe.”

Tuberville has spent months holding back military promotions. Most recently, his actions have left the Marines without a Commandant for the first time in 150 years, and will soon lead to no confirmed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chief of Staff of the Army, and more.

VoteVets said it is already considering running other ads, and taking other actions aimed at getting military promotions through the Senate confirmation process.