For First Time in Group’s History, VoteVets Opposes Passage of National Defense Authorization Act

WASHINGTON, DC – The first and largest progressive group of Veterans in America, VoteVets, is releasing the following statement opposing passage of the current National Defense Authorization Act in the House of Representatives over MAGA GOP insistence that it impose a radical social agenda on our military and Troops. The group is urging all Members to oppose the bill until such language is removed.

The group’s statement is below:

“The defense bill passed by the House Armed Services Committee was a strong, bipartisan bill that bolstered our national security, military readiness and showed an abiding commitment to supporting our Troops and their families. The bill, as currently amended to block women servicemembers’ access to necessary reproductive health care, is an affront to those servicemembers and their families and to all Americans. This attack on our military, conceived and carried out solely by the Republican caucus, will undermine military readiness and recruitment and harm national security

As an organization that advocates for Veterans and national security, we have always supported the NDAA. It is with great sadness that we conclude we cannot support the bill before the House today. House Republicans, with lamentable disregard for a long history of bipartisan compromise, have chosen partisan politics over the good of our troops, and our nation. In their blind zeal to impose an extreme cultural agenda on the US military, they have produced a bill that would gravely endanger our military and the freedoms they fight to protect. We strongly oppose the NDAA as currently amended, and urge every Member to join us.”