VoteVets Calls on Smear Ads Against Plame To Be Taken Down

SANTA FE, NM — VoteVets PAC is calling for smear ads that use vile Nazi imagery against Valerie Plame to be taken off the air.  The ads, sponsored by the so-called Alliance to Combat Extremism, compare Plame to Nazis, while calling her a “white supremacist.”

VoteVets called for Plame’s primary opponent, Teresa Leger Fernandez to apologize to Plame, and for the group sponsoring them to take them down.

“The Alliance to Combat Extremism should be called the Alliance to Promote Extreme Hate,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and Chair of VoteVets. “To use Nazi imagery on top of a woman who put her life on the line for this country as a covert CIA agent is disgusting, and frankly shows the rank desperation of those on the other side. As a Jewish-American myself, I find smears that use those symbols as disgusting as anything David Duke or Neo-Nazis use.  Hate is hate, and this ad should be taken down, and apologies offered to Valerie Plame. These desperate attack by Teresa’s allies need to be denounced, and immediately pulled down. She needs to immediately apologize to Valerie Plame for these hurtful attacks to a dedicated American, and call for them to be taken down.”