VoteVets Blasts With Honor’s Ad Against Lauren Baer

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL  – VoteVets, the largest progressive group of veterans in America, is today slamming With Honor for running dishonest ads against Lauren Baer, the Democratic candidate for Congress, in Florida’s 18th District.

“It is disgusting to see a group that purports to represent veterans be so blatantly dishonest about someone’s love of country,” said Pam Keith, a Navy veteran and Democrat who ran against Baer in the primary.  “Lauren Baer’s deep commitment to America, and love of America, is beyond evident.  It’s her love for this country that drives her to always want us to reach our highest ideals, and never accept when we might fall short of them.  No country, including this one, is perfect. We are, as ever, striving to become a more perfect union. Dissent, protest and criticism are integral to that process. Questioning decisions made by any particular administration does not constitute a lack of patriotism – rather, it shows a love of country. For With Honor to attack her for that is beyond the pale.  This ad should be taken down, immediately.”

The ad currently being run by With Honor charges that Baer didn’t stand with America, after 9/11.  It can be viewed here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGRSoqPXSks