VoteVets Up In Maine, with TV Ad Promoting Jared Golden’s Service Versus Bruce Poliquin’s Selfishness

LEWISTON, ME – VoteVets Action Fund, the national veterans group representing over 550,000 veterans, military families and their supporters, is today launching a $512,000 television ad buy, in Maine, comparing the records of Rep. Bruce Poliquin and Marine veteran Jared Golden.

See the ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK__6VaIR_8

In the ad, a narrator says, “Service means different things to different people.   For Jared Golden, it meant joining the Marines, after 9/11, two combat tours, and an experienced leader working across the aisle for local veterans and working families.  Congressman Bruce Poliquin has a different understanding. Years spent in Washington, serving the special interests, increasing health care costs, increasing taxes on middle class families, and taking nearly $400,000 from insurance interests. That’s Bruce Poliquin’s record of service, and it’s not working for Maine.”