VoteVets calls on Congress to see raw intelligence used to justify dramatic escalation with Iran

Compares justification for strike to justification for Iraq war

WASHINGTON, DC — The following is the statement of Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and Chair of VoteVets, on the killing of Qasem Soleimani:

“In 2003, manipulated intelligence and lies regarding imminent attacks launched us into a war that took thousands of American souls. I survived that war, but thousands of my brothers and sisters did not.  Tens of thousands more came back wounded, both physically and mentally, and never will be the same.

Iran is no benign player. When I was on Taji in 2011 Iranian backed groups launched a 240mm IRAM rocket attack. It shook the earth.  However, the idea that Iran and Qasem Soleimani were engaged in any kind of imminent attack that was so different than its usual malign activities, that it required this specific dramatic escalation, has not been demonstrated to the public or, more importantly, Congress.  It is beyond outrageous that the Gang of Eight was not informed of this action.

It is absolutely essential that Congress wake up, and demand the raw, unmanipulated intelligence used to justify this strike.  We have already been rushed into one deadly conflict in the region, because Congress was fed lies.  We must not be rushed into yet another one.  Congress must step up, now, and protect the lives of our troops, before it is too late.”