Attacks on US Embassy in Iraq a result of Trump’s “Fragile Ego” and “Fear” of Obama success, leading to violation of the Iran Deal, veteran group says

WASHINGTON, DC –  The following is the statement of Will Goodwin, Army veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets, on the attack on the US Embassy in Iraq, by Iranian-backed protesters:

“Donald Trump was warned about violating the Iran Deal. He was made well aware of the effect it would have, and how it would hurtle the US more quickly into a war with Iran. His fragile ego, and fear that Barack Obama would get credit for helping stabilize the region, caused him to ignore those warnings.

Now, the situation in the region has spiraled downwards. The Trump administration signaled it was beefing up its military presence there, to counter Iran. Iran, predictably, acted provocatively. The US, in response, struck back.

But, at the end of the day, this all traces back to a scared, insecure, fragile, petty, small president who simply could not stand the thought of allowing a major achievement of Barack Obama’s to continue to succeed.

It is our men and women in uniform who will now pay the price for his brittle feelings, unless Congress steps in.”