The United States, in the biggest evacuation of its kind in history, rescued tens of thousands of Afghans, when Kabul fell. Now, racist Trumpists are arguing against letting Afghan allies and refugees into America. To those Trumpists we say, “Go to hell.”

We’re asking Veterans like you to record a short video, up to 2 minutes in length, that we can share with our supporters. You can record a video using our form below to tell us in your own words why you believe we’re stronger as a nation, by resettling Afghan refugees in America.

Suggested Talking Points

  • IMPORTANT: Please introduce yourself to our audience by telling them your name, and when and where you served
  • Americans support bringing refugees to America. One poll found 81 percent of Americans do.
  • Afghans who helped American troops and contractors are targeted for death by the Taliban, and were promised we would bring them to safety.
  • The vetting of these refugees is extremely stringent – precisely why it has taken many of them so long to get approved.
  • We are a better nation when we bring in people from around the world who believe in our values, and want to contribute to better our country, like these Afghans.
  • If you have experience with any interpreters or allies from any conflict, who resettled here, please tell that story!

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