Women Veterans Call For Secretary Wilkie, Congressman Crenshaw To Resign Over VA Sexual Assault Scandal

Vets back ethics hearings against Crenshaw, if he refuses to step down


WASHINGTON, DC — Eighteen women veterans are today calling for Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie and Congressman Dan Crenshaw to resign their offices for their roles in trying to smear a veteran and alleged victim of sexual assault, as detailed in a recent Inspector General’s report.

In a statement, the veterans said:

“For anyone to report sexual assault takes strength and courage. The strength and courage for a woman veteran to do so in a power structure that is still overwhelmingly dominated by men, like the VA, is exponentially more. At a bare minimum, allegations like the ones brought forth by Andrea Goldstein must be heard and taken seriously by the VA Secretary, without enlisting powerful Members of Congress in a campaign to smear her. 

“It is unconscionable that Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a veteran himself, would suggest ways and tactics the VA Secretary could use in order to smear an alleged survivor of sexual assault. And yet, that is what an Inspector General’s report has concluded.

“Rep. Crenshaw has betrayed all of those who served, has abused his office, and has attacked every woman and man who has been a survivor of sexual assault.  If he will not resign his office (and that is what he should do, along with Secretary Wilkie), then we call on the House Ethics Committee to hold hearings on punishment that should be levied into him, including expulsion.”

The veterans who signed on to the statement (and branch in which they served) are:

Kate Hoit, U.S. Army, Sacramento, CA

Shelly Goode, U.S. Army, Tucson, AZ

Hanna Tripp, U.S. Air Force, Salem, MA

Melissa McRae, U.S. Air Force, Dover, OH

Lindsey Melki, U.S. Army, Syracuse, NY

Angie Menard, U.S. Army, Portland, OR

Sara Poquette, U.S. Army, Colorado Springs, CO

Joyce Childs, U.S. Army, Fair Oaks, CA

Liz O’Herrin Lee, U.S. Air Force, Denver, CO

Sara Behan, U.S. Army, Frederick, MD

Erica Fletcher, Wisconsin Army National Guard, Johnston, IA 

Halli Lannan, U.S. Army, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Elana Duffy, U.S. Army, Purple Heart Recipient, New York, NY

Trillitye Paullin, US Army, Meridian, ID

Jennifer Grubb, U.S. Army, Coatesville, PA

Diana D. Danis, U.S. Army, Bloomington, NE

Kade Patterson, U.S. Army, Greenwood, IN 

Sonia Fernandez, U.S. Marine Corps, La Puente, CA