VoteVets Statement on Strikes in Syria and Continued Blocking of Military Promotions by Senate Republicans

Washington, DC – Below is the statement of Mary Kaszynski, Director of Government Relations for VoteVets, on yesterday’s military strikes in Syria:

“When American Troops are attacked, as they were in Syria and Iraq, we have every right to strike back and protect our force. President Biden was right to do so. Yet, what is extremely disturbing is that our Troops are being attacked, and we’re countering while over 350 top military commanders’ promotions are being blocked by Tommy Tuberville and Senate Republicans.

Today, we’re learning that Republican Senators won’t sign on to efforts by Democrats to push these promotions through. They are not merely standing by while Tuberville blocks these critical promotions; they’re actively maintaining the blocks, and putting our Troops around the world at extremely severe risk. Unless Republicans join Democrats and pass these promotions immediately, the blood will be on their hands, if we lose an American servicemember’s life because of their political games.”