VoteVets Statement on Iran Hostage Deal

VoteVets welcomes today’s news that five Americans wrongfully detained by Iran have been released and are on their way home. This is a testament to President Biden’s unwavering commitment to Americans and using tough, skillful diplomacy to advance US national security.

We deplore statements by some Members of Congress, who are using this welcome news as an excuse to attack the President. The safe return of Americans is an unequivocally good thing. We remind those Members that American citizens are not political pawns, and urge them to retract their statements, put country over party, and wholeheartedly embrace the hostages’ return.

Former President Trump’s rejected of the Iran Nuclear Agreement was a misguided decision that indisputably harmed US national security. Today’s news is a repudiation of the Trump approach and clear proof that President Biden’s strategy — diplomacy, backed by military deterrence, and working in close consultation with our allies — works. We are confident the administration will continue to use this diplomatic strategy to address Iran’s nuclear program, unleashed thanks to Trump, as well as Iranian aggression in the region, and that President Biden will continue to deliver wins like this for US national security, for the security of our allies, and for all Americans.