VoteVets Statement on Donald Trump’s Flagged Tweet Encouraging National Guard to Fire On Americans

WASHINGTON, DC — The following is the statement of Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets. on this tweet from Donald Trump, encouraging the National Guard to fire on American protesters in Minneapolis:

“As if over 100,000 dead because of his bungled coronavirus response is not enough, now Donald Trump, the Commander in Chief, is encouraging more body bags by sending the message to National Guardsmen that they should shoot protesters.

The sad thing is that, earlier this year, Republicans in the United States Senate had an opportunity to stand up for the rule of law and American values by removing a president who stands against those things.  And they did not remove him.  In fact, they emboldened him.

So now, it is up to us to use the ballot box, while we still have one. We must remove Donald Trump and every single one of his enablers in the House and the Senate, who have brought us to this place, where an American president is encouraging the military to murder their fellow countrymen.”