VoteVets Statement on COVID Quarantines at DOD; New White House Infections

WASHINGTON, DC — The following is a statement from Will Goodwin, Director of Government Relations for VoteVets, on news that senior leadership at the Pentagon has quarantined, after the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard tested COVID-positive, and that two military members at the White House have tested positive, as well:

“With top leadership in the military all self-quarantining, after infection by the Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard, COVID is more of a national security threat than ever. Add to it that two military aides in the White House have tested positive — possibly because of infection passed on to them by the President of the United States  and it is becoming abundantly clear that the COVID crisis is quickly deteriorating. 

It is malfeasance in office for Donald Trump to downplay the dangers of the virus, and imply that people shouldn’t take all precautions to stop the spread. Republican Senators and Representatives who continue to remain silent, or endorse Donald Trump’s words, are unworthy of the offices they hold.”