VoteVets Responds to Trump Admin Changing Citizenship Requirements for Military Families

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a confusing new guidance that made clear that children of US Servicemembers born overseas on military bases are no longer granted automatic citizenship.

Will Goodwin, US Army veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets responded in a statement:

“While this new policy alert raises more questions than answers, it makes one thing abundantly clear – the children of Americans who risk their lives in uniform are not automatically citizens of the United States. That is an abominable and anti-patriotic position for the Trump Administration to take.

Tonight, there’s someone likely on patrol in a war zone, or at an embassy, who is scared to death that their child is no longer a citizen, just because they were born overseas. There are military families sitting at the kitchen table, trying to figure out how this might affect their child’s benefits.  The stress and strain that this is causing military families is a cruelty that one would never expect from a Commander in Chief.

We would say Donald Trump should be ashamed of this, but it is clear that he has no shame, at all.”