VoteVets PAC Endorses Flowers Vs. Marjorie Taylor Greene

The largest progressive group of veterans in America, VoteVets PAC, is today endorsing fellow veteran Marcus Flowers in his campaign to defeat insurrection-supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene, in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

“Let’s not beat around the bush. We can either have someone in Congress who loves America, and was willing to fight and die for America, or we can have someone who hates this country so much, that she supported those who mounted a violent insurrection against America,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets. “This isn’t a close call. If we’re to survive as a constitutional republic, we need representatives in Congress who genuinely believe in America. Marjorie Taylor Greene does not. Marcus Flowers does. Case closed.”

“But, Marcus Flowers brings so much more to the table, for people in the 14th district. His dedication to public service, and putting others before himself shows that he’ll always be fighting for the people he represents. His deep knowledge of the national security space means that he’ll be a vote in Congress with the experience to know what it takes to keep America safe from the threats we face. We are proud to endorse him,” Soltz concluded.

Marcus Flowers served as an active duty member of the US Army, joining the reserves in 1994, and serving on active duty from 1997-2001 with military intelligence. Marcus has spent a decade in combat zones around the world and has worked on four continents. He held Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information security clearance with Counter Intelligence Polygraph. Because of his work, he has seen, firsthand, the damage that can be done through the disinformation campaigns that Marjorie Taylor Greene supports, and the threat to our security that she and her conspiracy theorist cohorts pose.