VoteVets Launches TV Ad Buy on Carol Miller’s Ties to Opioids

$450,000 ad features veteran who was hooked on pain meds, himself

CHAPMANVILLE, WV – The national veterans group, VoteVets is today launching a $450,000 ad buy, taking on Carol Miller’s contributions from, ties to, and defense of the pharmaceutical industry that is flooding West Virginia with opioids.  The ad features a local Iraq veteran who, himself, battled opioid addiction, following wounds sustained by an IED explosion, in Iraq.

See the ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa3Q_NTzZII

In the ad, Nick Ganser, an Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient from Chapmanville says, “The IED went off, and just like that, my war was over. For my pain, they gave me a Purple Heart and a bottle of Oxycontin. I was hooked.  Carol Miller profited off my addiction.  Her family owns tens of thousands in drug company stock, and she’s taken thousands from drug companies flooding West Virginia with pills.  I served, and now I’m fighting a new war. Carol Miller’s just serving herself.”

Indeed, Miller’s family owns a large amount of stock in McKesson Corp and Teva Pharma, both of which have contributed to the opioid crisis, while Miller has taken thousands of dollars from Pfizer and other drug companies.