VoteVets Launches New TV Ad Campaign In Maine And Alaska Featuring A Veteran Asking Collins and Murkowski To Oppose Kavanaugh’s Nomination

“I Fought For Your Freedoms Now It Is Your Turn To Fight For Mine” Iraq Veteran Kate Logan Says In Powerful Ads Set To Launch As Kavanaugh’s Hearings Start In DC

National veterans group, VoteVets.org, is launching a powerful new ad campaign in Maine and Alaska today urging the Senators in those states to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. The $330,000 buy, which features Iraq War Veteran Kate Logan saying, “I fought for your freedoms now it is your turn to fight for mine,” is being released as Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings start in Washington.

The ad campaign will feature two ads in each state:


Clear: https://youtu.be/d1qHWorndFQ

Severe: https://youtu.be/skfnpAv2sjo


Clear: https://youtu.be/iRVJz2jKwiU

Severe: https://youtu.be/PINMpqPjjJA

The ads feature Iraq War veteran SGT. (RET.) Kate Logan, US Army, who is medically retired and fully disabled due disease acquired by burn pit exposure. 

“If Senator Collins and Murkowski vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh they will be voting to take away many of the rights and freedoms I fought to defend and uphold,” said Kate Logan. “I served this nation. I fought for this nation. Now it is time for Senator Collins and Murkowski to fight for us. To stand up for our fundamental rights and freedoms. And, to vote no on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.”