VoteVets Launches Closing Ad for Terry McAuliffe

Six figure buy will focus on Norfolk market, for the rest of the campaign

Norfolk, VA – VoteVets PAC, the largest progressive group of veterans in America, is today launching a $180,000 broadcast and cable ad buy in the Norfolk market, supporting Terry McAuliffe, for the rest of the gubernatorial campaign. The powerful and emotional closing ad features a formerly homeless veteran, supporting McAuliffe because he kept his promise to provide shelter to all homeless veterans. VoteVets endorsed McAuliffe, a son of an Army veteran and father of a Marine, last week.

The full ad can be seen here:  https://twitter.com/votevets/status/1451533805588676613

In the ad, Navy veteran Yasmine Charles says, “After the Navy, I enrolled in Norfolk State. I was barely making it – sleeping in my truck. Homelessness is a huge problem for veterans. Terry McAuliffe knows that. He’s from a military family. And he made a promise to create a place to stay for every veteran that needs it. And Terry did it. Now, when was the last time you heard of a politician actually delivering on a promise? Terry delivered for veterans. We need to be there for him.”

Yasmine Charles, an immigrant from Haïti, served nine years in the United States Navy as a chef on ships around the world. After leaving the service, she enrolled in the food and nutrition program at Norfolk State University. Without resources or family to fall back on, she soon found herself without a home, and for three months, slept in the back of her truck on a campus parking lot. She learned about VetsHouse, a non-profit that provides contemporary group living homes and services to help vets get back on their feet. She moved in and met Governor McAuliffe at an event there. Yasmine went on to graduate from Norfolk University, and Governor McAuliffe singled her out during his commencement speech, saying “Yasmine, you are the reason I get up and work so hard every day.”  Yasmine lives and works in Norfolk, and is a trained chef, author, advocate and volunteer for homeless veterans. 

Backed by over 1.5 million supporters, VoteVets PAC (Political Action Committee) has been helping veterans and national security experts win elected office at the Federal, state and local levels since its inception in 2006. Prior to VoteVets’ existence, conservatives and Republicans were viewed as the pro-military, pro-security party, for decades. Through its award-winning, blunt ads, and relentless work in the field, VoteVets helped change that dynamic, with the help of the amazing candidates it supports.

To help its candidates win, VoteVets PAC runs aggressive independent spending campaigns (over $100 million to date), raises and donates millions of dollars, and runs one of the most innovative and exciting texting programs in electoral politics in order to connect veterans and military families with other veterans and military families to get out the vote.