VoteVets Launches $100,000 DC and National Cable Buy on Ukraine Aid

Ad calls on Republicans to fight for our allies, not against immigrants


WASHINGTON, DC – The largest progressive group of Veterans in America, VoteVets, is today launching a $100,000 national and DC cable buy for one week that warns America that Vladimir Putin is just waiting for Ukraine funding to fail, so he can conquer all of Ukraine and put NATO nations at risk. Further, the ad argues, Republicans in Congress are handing him what he needs, by holding up aid unless it also includes Donald Trump’s wishlist of punitive actions against refugees and other immigrants.

The ad, titled “Fight For Our Allies, Don’t Attack Immigrants,” can be seen here: https://act.votevets.org/go/12223?t=2&ak_proof=1&akid=%2E32550%2EL_vEs3

The script of the ad is as follows: 

“The war criminal dictator is biding his time. Waiting, while Senate Republicans play right into his hands. Ukrainians have more than held their own. Taking back over half the land Russia seized. But now – Senate Republicans are holding Ukraine aid hostage just to push Trump’s anti-immigrant wish list. If Ukraine falls, the line between freedom and fascism moves west. And it will be American boots on the ground next. Give Ukraine what they need to win. Before it’s too late”