VoteVets Joins Forces With National Education Association, in New Ad on Carol Miller’s Drug Corporation Connections

Ad from veterans group features teacher who has lost students to the scourge of opioid addiction

HOLDEN, WV – VoteVets PAC, the veterans group representing over 550,000 veterans, military families, and supporters, has teamed up with the National Education Association, on a new ad campaign in West Virginia, targeting Carol Miller’s corporate drug company connections.  VoteVets has endorsed Richard Ojeda, who is running against Miller. The ad is running across the district, at a cost of $448,800, for the remainder of the campaign.

View the ad here: https://youtu.be/6LXgUJgVzmU

In the ad, while Wendy Peters, a teacher from Raleigh County, looks through a yearbook of former students who tragically were hooked on opioids, a voiceover says, “Big drug companies have flooded West Virginia with opioids. Carol Miller has profited off our pain. Her family owns tens of thousands in drug company stock, and as a politician, she’s taken thousands from the drug companies. Carol Miller is looking out for herself, not West Virginia.”

“Our ads almost always feature veterans, but this one is different, because the pain of opioid addiction touches so many,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and Chair of VoteVets.  “We wanted to show that veterans see and feel the pain that so many people in West Virginia, and across the country feel, and we’re ready to call out politicians like Carol Miller, who profit off pain.”

“West Virginians need a leader who will stand with students, not with big drug companies,” said NEA President Lily Eskelsen García. “Unfortunately, and at times tragically for our students and their families, Carol Miller has made clear her priorities: She’d rather rake in corporate profits instead taking on drug companies to fight the opioid epidemic afflicting Mountain State communities. Our families deserve better than this. They deserve a leader who has their back and who will put students and families first. And that candidate is Richard Ojeda.”