VoteVets Endorses McAuliffe for Governor

Richmond, VA – The largest group of progressive veterans in America, VoteVets, is today making an historic endorsement of Terry McAuliffe to once again be Governor of Virginia. It is the first time the group has endorsed a military family member for office.

As the son of an Army veteran and the dad of a Marine, Terry McAuliffe knows what it means to be in a military family, what challenges they face, and the sacrifices they make," said Alexander Vindman, Senior Advisor to VoteVets. "Virginia is home to over 100,000 servicemembers, and they'll have no greater advocate than Terry, because he's been where they are, right now."

"But, this election is about so much more than our military families -- it is about the survival of our very country," Vindman added. "I have seen Trumpism up close, and I have seen how its aim is to systematically destroy the very fabric of the Republic. Glenn Youngkin is Donald Trump's agent in Virginia -- period. A vote for Youngkin is a vote for Trump, and a vote for Youngkin is a vote to ensure that Donald Trump gets Virginia's electoral votes in 2024. We must protect our Republic and our right to our vote. We must elect Terry McAuliffe."

“I am honored and humbled to have the support of VoteVets and of so many veterans who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country and this Commonwealth. As the proud son of a U.S. Army Captain and the proud father of a U.S. Marine who served our country overseas, I always have and always will support our servicemembers and their families,” said Terry McAuliffe. “As Virginia’s next governor, my administration will continue to address and provide support for Virginia veterans who are facing even tougher times as a result of this pandemic.”

During Terry’s administration, he and his wife Dorothy McAuliffe made supporting military families a priority, securing new funding for school divisions to support military children and directing the Department of Education to develop guidelines for military families with students in special education programs. As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry McAuliffe led the nation, making Virginia the first state to functionally end veteran homelessness. He worked closely with the state’s General Assembly to secure state funding to build two new veterans care centers, including the first veterans care facility in the Hampton Roads region. Terry also created the first-in-the-nation Military Medics and Corpsmen Program, which allows former military medics to work in Virginia’s health systems and help fill much-needed gaps. Terry launched Cyber Vets Virginia, a program to connect veterans with cyber security training and skill development in Virginia. This summer more than 150 veterans and military family members endorsed Terry for Governor.

Backed by over 1.5 million supporters, VoteVets PAC (Political Action Committee) has been helping veterans and national security experts win elected office at the Federal, state and local levels since its inception in 2006. Prior to VoteVets’ existence, conservatives and Republicans were viewed as the pro-military, pro-security party, for decades. Through its award-winning, blunt ads, and relentless work in the field, VoteVets helped change that dynamic, with the help of the amazing candidates it supports.

To help its candidates win, VoteVets PAC runs aggressive independent spending campaigns (over $100 million to date), raises and donates millions of dollars, and runs one of the most innovative and exciting texting programs in electoral politics in order to connect veterans and military families with other veterans and military families to get out the vote.