VoteVets Endorses Max Rose for Congress

STATEN ISLAND, NY – VoteVets PAC is today endorsing Max Rose for Congress, in the 11th Congressional District in New York. VoteVets endorsed Rose in his previous campaigns.

“Max Rose’s voice has been sorely missed on Capitol Hill,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chairman of VoteVets. “The credibility he brought to debates about our security, our military and our foreign policy is needed now more than ever. So is his ability to work with all in the Democratic Party, forming relationships across the spectrum, to bring about positive change at home and abroad. This is a seat that we must win, and Max Rose is the person who can win it. We’re proud to endorse him.”

Prior to his election to Congress, Rose served as a decorated Army Infantry Officer, deploying to Afghanistan as a Stryker platoon leader. His decorations include the Ranger tab, the Combat Infantryman Badge, a Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart.

Backed by over 1.5 million supporters, VoteVets PAC (Political Action Committee) has been helping veterans and national security experts win elected office at the Federal, state and local levels since its inception in 2006. Prior to VoteVets’ existence, conservatives and Republicans were viewed as the pro-military, pro-security party, for decades. Through its award-winning, blunt ads, and relentless work in the field, VoteVets helped change that dynamic, with the help of the amazing candidates it supports.

To help its candidates win, VoteVets PAC runs aggressive independent spending campaigns (over $100 million to date), raises and donates millions of dollars, and runs one of the most innovative and exciting texting programs in electoral politics in order to connect veterans and military families with other veterans and military families to get out the vote.