VoteVets Calls for Impeachment Hearings

WASHINGTON, DC – Below is the statement of Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran, and Chair of VoteVets:

“As so compellingly articulated in an op-ed by five VoteVets-endorsed veterans in Congress, and two of their colleagues who we also support, the very oath that we all took compels us to call for impeachment hearings into the Ukraine scandal.  

Ours is a Republic of laws, not men.  Our Constitution enshrines that principle.  What we already know about the Ukraine scandal is enough to trigger impeachment hearings, in an attempt to uphold the rule of law.  What we may soon find out could possibly warrant removing Donald Trump from office.  

For those of us who took the oath, we believe the Constitution and the rule of law must be protected, at all costs.  We put our lives on the line for it.  The least our Congress can do is put it before political considerations.

We are particularly concerned about this affair, because it involved military aid for a nation under threat by our adversary.  Global security is not a game, and aid to free people, to protect themselves from hostile nations, is not something to be played with.  Any harm done to American security interests can put troops potentially at risk.  Therefore, if it became a bartering chip in an attempt to force a foreign nation to attack our election, it would add another layer to this potential abuse of power. A commander in chief putting troops at risk, in an attempt to damage his opponent’s campaign would warrant removal from office.

Donald Trump is the president, but he is also just a man.  No man can be above the law, or we cease to be a constitutional republic.  Our oath commands us to make sure that never happens. That is why we now support impeachment hearings.”