VoteVets: Baseless NRSC Ad In Michigan Shows “Fear and Desperation”

Statement of Will Goodwin, Director of Government Relations for VoteVets, on the baseless ad the NRSC released today in Michigan:

“The NRSC and Washington Republicans have hit a new low attacking a fellow veteran in the Senate, who volunteered to serve again after 9/11. It not only reeks of fear and desperation, but completely distorts Senator Peters’ record.

“Let’s be 100% clear about this. As the largest progressive veterans organization in the country we can say without a doubt that Senator Peters has been a true champion of veterans in the Senate. Time and time again, he has come through for veterans in Michigan and around the country. 

“It’s shameful to watch the NRSC stoop to this level and exploit Michigan veterans and military families for their political aims.”