VoteVets Applauds NFL Players, Owners for Ongoing Talks on Protests for Social Justice

WASHINGTON, DC – On behalf of its over 550,000 veterans, military families, and civilian supporters, VoteVets is today encouraging NFL players and owners to continue their dialogue on the issue of player protests for justice, during the playing of the national anthem, and not institute any new rules, while talks continue.

“As veterans who fought for a Constitution that encourages people to speak out, when they see wrongs, we are glad that the NFL Players Association and the NFL are engaged in an important discussion about social justice in America,” said Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chair of VoteVets.

“We know that players and owners not only have the utmost respect for our country and its flag, but what it represents. Now, they have a real opportunity to set an example for millions of football fans. Rather than imposing rules that suppress expression or engaging in inflammatory public discourse, we hope that these talks will result in an understanding of why NFL players choose to demonstrate as well as methods to support these issues within our communities, and chart a way forward that respects all forms of patriotism, including speaking out for a better America,” Soltz added.