VETS TO REPUBLICAN LEADERS: Vote on the bipartisan immigration agreement and avoid shutdown

WASHINGTON, DC – With hours to go before the government shuts down, the largest progressive group of veterans in America is calling on Republican games to end, and for a vote to be called on a dutifully negotiated bipartisan compromise bill to settle the status of Dreamers and fund border security, as part of a long-term package to keep the government open.


Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets said:


“It is absolutely infuriating that the Republican leadership refuses to bring up the bipartisan compromise that would allow us to fund the government, and take care of Dreamers, that was introduced this week. That bill has the support of a majority of the Senate, and would undoubtedly pass the House. Donald Trump – on live television – promised to sign any bipartisan bill sent his way.  

Given all of that, it is clear that our military and veterans can be spared a shutdown if Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump would allow for the bipartisan compromise to come up for a vote, and be sent to the White House for Donald Trump’s signature.  

All of this drama, all of these countdown clocks on TV, and all of this angst that our military families across the country are feeling could quickly end if the Republican leadership would just allow for the bipartisan compromise bill to get a vote.”