Trump Lawyers Argue Immunity for Ordering Military to Assassinate Political Rivals

Retired Major General Paul Eaton Responds

WASHINGTON, DC — Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton, a senior advisor to VoteVets, responded with alarm over Donald Trump’s lawyers’ argument in court today that he could order SEAL Team 6 to assassinate his political rivals and face no prosecution or accountability if Congressional Republicans protected him from impeachment and removal from office.

“There aren’t words to fully express the alarm I feel, as a retired Flag Officer, hearing Donald Trump’s lawyers argue in Federal Court that he could have SEAL Team 6 assassinate his political rivals and face no accountability over it unless he was impeached and removed from office.

“Combined with the already disclosed plans to purge the Officer Corps of those who aren’t sufficiently loyal to him, Trump and his lawyers are clearly laying out the legal arguments for manipulating our great military into his own personal revenge force, in his quest to take power and never return it to the people. There can be no greater insult to our fallen than to allow that to happen.”

Major General (Ret.) Eaton served in the U.S. Army for over thirty years, including time as a commander in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom and as Commanding General of the Infantry Center at Fort Benning (now Fort Moore).