Statement of VoteVets Senior Advisor, Alexander Vindman, on Growing Number of Pro-Putin Republicans

Washington, DC — As reports increase regarding Republican candidates, elected officials, and media figures siding with Vladimir Putin over President Biden, VoteVets senior advisor Alexander Vindman is releasing the following statement:

"Healthy debate about how and when to commit troops to war is an important and necessary part of democracy. It’s what makes us different – and better – than Russia and other authoritarian regimes. However, since President Biden took troops in Ukraine off the table and signaled a possible deployment to NATO’s eastern flank aimed at preventing conflict, it's becoming clear that broad segments of the Republican party and its media ecosystem aren’t anti-war, they’re simply pro-Putin.

"Their increasing opposition to any and all measures that would guard against Russian authoritarian expansion in Europe leaves no other conclusion: When it comes to the Biden administration vs. the Putin regime, they’ll side with Putin. This continues a worrying trend that started with President Trump, who was enamored by authoritarian leaders like Putin and saw democracy as a barrier to power.

"The party of Reagan is quickly becoming the party of Putin."