Statement of VoteVets on today’s attacks in Kabul

WASHINGTON, DC – The following is the statement of Jon Soltz, Iraq War veteran and Chairman of VoteVets, on the attacks at Hamid Karzai International Airport today, which cost the lives of at least 12 members of the military:

“Those of us who served in war know what it is like to lose our fellow troops. We know how much anguish it inflicts on families. What those we lost were doing was heroic. Afghans are waking up in other countries, today, with the light of a new life ahead of them, because of the efforts of our troops. Americans are arriving home safely, because of the efforts of our troops. The sacrifice of the fallen was not in vain.

“What cannot happen is that hawks use these attacks to lure us back into protracted war, which would cost many more troops’ lives and create many more Gold Star families. Twenty years of war, and thousands of American deaths is enough. In 1983, after the terrorist attack in Beirut that killed 241 troops, President Reagan made the determination to withdraw, and not risk more American fallen. President Reagan made the right decision, then. We support continuing our withdrawal, now.”