Statement of Retired Major General Eaton, on Potential Military Action Against Iran

WASHINGTON, DC – Senior Adviser to VoteVets, and former Iraq War commander, retired Major General Paul D. Eaton is releasing the following statement on the Trump administration’s threatened military action against Iran, last night:

“Let us be crystal clear:  The previous Authorization for Use of Military Force does not cover any preemptive attack on Iran, by the US, and any such attack would be illegal, and a breach of the War Powers Act.

I have seen, first-hand, what happens when neocons like John Bolton are able to launch wars based on dangers that are non-existent. I had lives under my command lost, because Bolton, Cheney, and their ilk saw war as a first option.  Donald Trump and John Bolton must not be allowed to follow in those footsteps, when it comes to Iran.  

Real scrutiny must be paid to the administration’s move to heighten military tensions in the region, and Congress is the place where that scrutiny must happen.”