Statement of Major General (Ret.) Paul D. Eaton on House GOP Proposal to End Guaranteed Full Funding for Veteran Victims of Burn Pit Exposure

Washington, DC — The following is the statement of Major General (Ret.) Paul D. Eaton, former commander during the Iraq War and Senior Advisor to VoteVets, on the House Republican budget proposal that would end guaranteed full funding for Veterans who were victims of Burn Pit and other toxic exposure in the PACT Act.

“The utter disregard Congressional Republicans have for our Veterans is astonishing and shameful. Veteran victims of Burn Pits and other toxic exposure were made a promise under the PACT Act – that their care and benefits would be guaranteed. The Republicans in Congress are now proposing we toss that guarantee in the garbage and put funding at risk on an annual basis. That goes beyond morally reprehensible. It’s just plain cruel. Unfortunately, this is now a clear pattern of Congressional Republicans threatening our Veterans and military families. In my opinion, none of them have the right to wrap themselves in the flag, ever again. True Patriots don’t do what Congressional Republicans are doing.”