Statement of Jon Soltz, Iraq War Veteran and Chair of VoteVets, on Trump Veto of Yemen War Bill

“Once again, Donald Trump has shown that his campaign was a sham, and his promises were about as good as the promises he made to contractors he stiffed, as a businessman.  Donald Trump campaigned on ending American involvement in all the wars we’re in. Since he was elected, he’s kept troops in Afghanistan, he’s announced an indefinite commitment to keeping US troops in Syria, and now he’s vetoed Congress’ call to remove us from the Saudi’s illegal war in Yemen.

“Donald Trump sold Americans a bill of goods. It is time for all Americans, and especially the folks in DC, to wake up to the fact that Donald Trump is a neocon, just like his hand-picked National Security Adviser, John Bolton.  And as long as Donald Trump is president, he will keep us in a cycle of endless war, unless Congress stands up to him.

“It is therefore crucial that Congress override this veto, break the endless war cycle, and take war powers back to the branch our founders placed them in – the legislative branch.”