NEW POLL: Alabamans Overwhelmingly Oppose Tuberville Hold On Military Promotions

Nearly 60 percent of Alabama voters think he should stop blocking military promotions; Plurality say hold has hurt their opinion of Tuberville


MONTGOMERY, AL – A new poll of Alabama voters makes clear that the large majority of them oppose Senator Tommy Tuberville’s continued blockage of senior military promotions and think it is time for him to drop his hold. The poll also finds that a plurality have a less favorable view of the Senator as a result of his continued block, and believe it is harming our national security.

The poll of 577 Alabama voters was conducted by PPP and commissioned by VoteVets Action Fund.

Some of the topline findings in the poll are:

– By a 58-29 margin, Alabama voters think Tubervile “has made his point,” and now it is time for him to drop his hold on military promotions. This includes Trump voters in the state who believe, by a slight 41-40 margin that he should move on.

– Fifty-five percent say senior positions going unfilled by confirmed promotions hurts national security, with only 9 percent saying it helps.

– A whopping 72-14 margin believes military promotions should not be politicized.

– Alabama voters are feeling less favorable towards Tuberville because of his blockage of military promotions, with 45 seeing him less favorably compared to only 26 percent who see him more favorably.

– Alabamans do oppose the Pentagon policy that reimburses travel costs for women troops who travel out of state to receive reproductive health care, 54-36. Yet, even given that, they believe Tuberville is damaging our national security and should stop.

The full poll can be found here: https://act.votevets.org/go/6920?t=1&ak_proof=1&akid=%2E20449%2ELboiF_