Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Military Service Is “Like Throwing Your Life Away;” Georgia Veteran Responds

GEORGIA – This weekend, on Lou Dobbs’ radio show, Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed military service was “like throwing your life away.”

In response, Bryce Remkes, an Iraq and Afghanistan Air Force Veteran from Brooks, Georgia, who served for nine years until 2014, released the following statement:

“For a United States representative to say that military service is ‘throwing your life away,’ is reprehensible. Let me be extraordinarily clear about this: Marjorie Taylor Greene hates this country. She hates the rule of law we have and the entire concept of free and fair elections. She also apparently thinks a higher calling of putting on the uniform to defend that way of life, and our Constitution, is a waste of someone’s life.

“My life in the military wasn’t a waste. For the roughly 620,000 veterans in Georgia who served, and the 70,000 here who are still serving, their lives matter. They are not a waste. They are among the very best we have, and that makes our military the very best in the history of the planet; Marjorie Taylor Greene be damned. I buried my best friend in Arlington—she died defending our nation, and her life wasn’t a waste.

“It is crucial that a true patriot – a veteran who loves America – Marcus Flowers is sent to Congress to replace her, in November. Our Congress is rotting from within with people who despise real America, like Marjorie Taylor Greene. In November, we must sweep her and her ilk out.”