Gold Star Families Respond to Despicable Trump Campaign Attacks

Washingon, DC – Three Gold Star parents, who lost their loved ones in war, are responding to attacks on them levied by the Trump campaign, today.

The three parents are featured in an ad that is airing as part of a $100,000 buy this weekend during the NFL playoffs, which you can view by clicking here.

In response to the ad, the Trump campaign released a statement saying that the group of parents were “shills” and the ad with their statements “vile.”

The Gold Star parents in the ad – Karen Meredith, John Fenton, and Melida Arredondo- released their own statement back, this afternoon, reading:

“For the Trump campaign to call us — Gold Star families — “shills,” in response to our anger over him calling our fallen family members “suckers” and “losers” just underscores the outright hate Donald Trump has for those who serve and those who’ve lost loves ones in war.

“It is a dark day in America when the Republican party’s presumptive nominee, who never served himself and never had family who wore the uniform, sends attack dogs after Gold Star families in this way.

“But it should also underscore for the American people just how little respect Trump has for Troops, Veterans, Military families, the Fallen, and their survivors.

“Someone like that can never, ever sit in the Oval Office again.”