When extreme Republicans cut our benefits, we didn't back down. We rallied, brought our message to the Capitol, and demanded Congress reverse the cuts. With the Commander-in-Chief's support, we proved when Veterans speak, lawmakers listen. đŸ‡ºđŸ‡¸

VoteVets Took On MAGA, And Won

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Fresh off his failure to launch, Ron DeSantis offered his Day One priorities—pardoning January 6th insurrectionists, including Trump. Putting national security aside, DeSantis follows in Trump's footsteps as a traitor to his country, forgetting his oath.

DeSantis Failure to Launch

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In honor of every patriot of Asian, Native Hawai'ian, and Pacific Island descent who has served.

Go For Broke – AAPI History Month

Senator Tommy Tuberville's MAGA social agenda is putting our national security at risk! He's endorsed white nationalists serving in our Military. Yet, he's blocking crucial promotions, to protest reimbursing travel costs for women Troops needing an abortion.

Tuberville’s MAGA Social Agenda

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