We now know who helped plan the deadly January 6th insurrection. Traitors in Congress who took an oath to defend the constitution, yet walked all over it instead. America’s veterans took the same oath, but we take it seriously, and will hold the #SeditionCaucus accountable!

Sedition Caucus

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Sen Tammy Duckworth: “You’re not going to find a more patriotic American than Abdulla.” Local interpreters risk their lives because they believe in our cause, and thousands are at risk as we leave Afghanistan.


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Michael Flynn posted a video of himself and his family taking the QAnon oath. He also called for a military coup against President Joe Biden. He’s also still using his “General” title to push these conspiracies and must be recalled to active-duty and court-martialed immediately for sedition. #TraitorFlynn

Traitor Oath

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Here’s a former interpreter for the US Army in Iraq who put his life on the line to help our troops. He knows the personal security risks of being left behind. We need to do right by our Afghan interpreters. They need our help. Time is running out.

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