Destiny Wells

Indiana, Secretary of State

  • U.S. Army Reserve Veteran 

Destiny Wells grew up in a blue-collar family in Morgan County, Indiana where she learned the importance of the values that small-town Hoosiers hold dear: family, freedom, and progress. She is the daughter of eight generations of farmers, whose love for working the land has stayed true even through hardship.

She left home to attend Indiana University as a first-generation college student. And in the throes of 9/11, she enlisted in the Army National Guard at the age of 19 and later joined Army ROTC. In the military, she found what many of us are looking for: a steady paycheck, health care, a path toward retirement, and the ability to serve her country and her community.

19 years later, Destiny is a U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, and she continues to proudly serve. Outside of the military, she became a lawyer and an entrepreneur.