Derek is the son of refugees. His parents fled the Communist regime in Vietnam so that their children could realize the American Dream in Southern California. Through hard work and sacrifice, Derek’s family opened a corner market where Derek worked every day after school. 

At the age of 18, Derek enlisted in the Army to give back to the country that had given him and his family so much. In the military, it didn’t matter if you were a Democrat or a Republican – you worked together to get the job done, and Derek will bring that same mindset to Congress.

After his time in the military, Derek went to law school to uphold the liberties, individual rights, and rule of law that his parents immigrated to America for. Turning down high-paying jobs in corporate law, Derek chose to open up his small business in Orange County and fight for immigrants, workers, survivors of sexual harassment, and consumers.

Derek is married to his wife Michelle. Together they run a brick-and-mortar pharmacy in Orange County. During the pandemic, they helped local businesses and restaurants keep their doors open and their employees safe through vaccinations and Covid-19 testing. 

Derek and Michelle are proud parents of three. Their children attend public schools and every day Derek works to instill the values of hard work, patriotism, and service that his parents taught him.

Derek sits on the board of Consumers of Attorneys of California and mentors at-risk youth at Sunburst Academy, which is located at Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos where Derek served.