Statement of Will Fischer, Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations for VoteVets, on House Vote to Revoke Support for Saudi War in Yemen

“Finally, because of the leadership of the House Democrats, and a handful of responsible Republicans who joined them, Congress is on its way to revoking support for the horrific Saudi war in Yemen.  The US support of this humanitarian disaster has hurt us among our allies, and the rest of the world, to no benefit of the security of the United States.  Every time one of our weapons is used by Saudis to kill women and children, the target on the backs of our troops gets that much larger.  Senate Republicans, most of whom claim to be ‘pro-life,’ will now have to answer whether the lives of innocent women and children are worth standing up for, even if it means opposing their party’s president.  For the security of the US and the safety of our troops, we hope they will.”

Will C Fischer, Iraq War Veteran
VoteVets.org Director of Government Relations