Eric Lynn

Florida-13, U.S. House of Representatives

  • National Security Professional 

Eric Lynn is a native of Pinellas, who’s committed his entire career to public service. After serving as a legislative staffer in Washington who was evacuated out of the US Capitol on 9/11, Eric committed himself to protecting America’s national security.

He went on to serve at the Pentagon for eight years as a Senior Advisor to Secretaries of Defense from both parties. Eric specialized in Middle Eastern affairs, including the US-Israel relationship where he spearheaded the Iron Dome missile defense system at the Pentagon which has prevented countless terrorist attacks, saved thousands of lives, and is now held by the US Armed Forces as well.

Eric returned to his hometown to Pinellas in 2015 to raise his family, and continues to do consulting work with MacDill Air Force base and serve as a veteran advocate. In Florida, Eric broke ground through his work helping veterans close on their homes as the first in Florida to use an online closing system and helped make sure veterans and active duty service members were getting fair treatment and access to the resources they need and deserve.

After watching the January 6 insurrection attempt and seeing the same evacuation route he used on 9/11 be used again, but from domestic extremists attempting to overthrow democracy, Eric is running for Congress to continue his commitment to protecting our nation’s values.

National Security and providing for veterans are key issues in Eric’s campaign, and for Pinellas which is home to 80,000 veterans and their families. With his self-described extremist opponent already stating she would vote against the PACT Act and continuing deny the results of the 2020 election, Eric knows just how high the stakes are in this election and is committed to making sure this seat continues to be represented by someone who will fight for shared Pinellas values and deliver for our veterans.