Deb McGrath

Wisconsin-3, U.S. House of Representatives

  • U.S. Army Veteran 

Born and raised in western Wisconsin, Deb McGrath is a former Army Captain, CIA officer, and working mother of three children. She and her husband, Colonel (Ret.) Kevin McGrath raised their three children with an emphasis on public and community service.

Deb McGrath served 25 years in national security positions requiring non-partisan strategies for mission accomplishment. While in the U.S. Army, Deb McGrath served on the demilitarized zone in Korea and at several U.S. military bases. In the CIA, her assignments included Southeast and South Asia, West Africa, the former Soviet Union, and Central Europe, including two combat zones. In the U.S. Army, Deb earned parachutist wings, and the U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal. At the CIA, she was awarded the Career Commendation Medal, among several other awards for distinguished service and superior accomplishment. Deb McGrath pledges to continue to honor the oaths of office she took to our country, and will serve to protect our homeland, common prosperity and the American way of life.